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We have a pool of global experts ranging from all different types of specialists. See below some of our experts:

Project Manager Automation

Bio: With over 30 years in steel industry automation, our expert leads in automation, instrumentation, and process control. They have pioneered integrated systems tailored to modern industrial demands, with a strong focus on Industry 4.0 technologies including advanced communication networks and virtualisation.

Core Skills:

  • Automation and Control Systems: Expert in streamlining operations across various steel manufacturing processes.
  • Cyber Security and IT: Developed robust strategies and infrastructures to enhance system security and efficiency.
  • Environmental Management: Proficient in overseeing operations related to environmental control and energy management.

Notable Contributions: Renowned for significant roles at ILVA, Riva Group, and BM Automation, our expert blends deep technical knowledge with strategic innovation in automation solutions.

EAF Operations Expert

Bio: Beginning in 1980 as an EAF and Continuous Casting shift worker, our expert progressed to senior roles, culminating as a steel plant manager in 2001. They led a team of 100 and managed production of 900 ktpa. Notably, in 2003, they spearheaded the commissioning of a new EAF, earning a reputation for effective plant management.

Core Skills:

  • Consultancy and Leadership: Transitioned to consultancy, offering guidance across Europe, specialising in plant commissioning, quality steel production, and management during transitional periods.
  • Operational Expertise: Extensive hands-on experience in production, maintenance, and technical supervision at major steel plants.
  • Team Leadership: Managed large teams (400+ people), focusing on efficiency, training, and motivation.
  • Innovative Efficiency: Developed cost-effective strategies that significantly improved productivity and operations.

Notable Contributions: Renowned for transformative leadership and strategic innovations, consistently enhancing operational efficiencies and team dynamics within the steel industry.

Galvanizing Senior Expert

Bio: With over 35 years in galvanizing, our expert is recognized globally, particularly in the automotive industry. Starting in hot-dip galvanizing in 1980, they advanced through various technical and leadership roles.

Core Skills:

  • International Training: Underwent advanced production technique training at Nippon Steel Corporation in Japan.
  • Leadership Roles: Progressed to production director, developing new steel types and overseeing quality assurance for automotive products.
  • Senior Management: Managed hot-dip galvanizing and pickling lines, significantly enhancing operations and product quality.
  • Consultancy and Project Management: Consulted for Danieli, designing furnaces and providing training, significantly enhancing production and quality standards in Turkey and China.

Notable Contributions: A technical master with strategic insight, instrumental in advancing galvanizing processes and training teams globally, ensuring high-quality production standards.

Cold Rolling Senior Expert

Bio: With 40+ years in cold rolling, our expert is a senior specialist, starting in 1978 as a cold rolling mill operator and progressing through various roles to become a leader in the field.

Core Skills:

  • Production Leadership: Managed key areas such as the continuous tandem rolling mill, batch annealing, and temper mill.
  • Operational Innovation: Implemented numerous quality improvements and provided cold rolling training courses.
  • Consultancy Expertise: Worked with Danieli to revamp pickling lines and served as a technical consultant on projects across Turkey, Russia, and Austria.

Notable Contributions: An author of two books on cold rolling and experienced in staff training, currently overseeing production and maintenance in the cold rolling area at an Italian plant.

Long Products Continuous Casting Expert

Bio: With 30+ years of experience, our expert specializes in continuous casting and metallurgy, offering technical and office-based support from technical document preparation to training and sales support.

Core Skills:

  • Technical Expertise: Specializes in continuous casting, merging technical knowledge with practical applications.
  • Advisory Portfolio: Optimisation, troubleshooting, and training across various international projects.
  • Documentation and Training: Prepares comprehensive technical and training manuals.

Notable Contributions: Has contributed to the basic design of continuous casting machines and enhanced the quality and operations of casting processes globally.

Energy Management Expert

Bio: With 15+ years in managing energy efficiency programs, our expert focuses on sustainable energy solutions in the steel industry, having a robust background in aerospace engineering.

Core Skills:

  • Data Analysis: Expertise in handling and interpreting complex data to set energy efficiency targets.
  • System Design and Management: Designs plants and manages systems to improve operational and maintenance practices.
  • Training and Education: Provides training under the ISO 50001 regime and has a Master’s degree in aerospace engineering.

Notable Contributions: Demonstrated exceptional project track records at ILVA and gained insights into energy efficiency at Turboden and 4 Champions.

EAF Filtration System and Thermal Recovery Technologist

Bio: With over 30 years managing de-dusting systems, our expert has extensive experience overseeing installations and upgrades, particularly in steelworks environments.

Core Skills:

  • Project Management: Managed construction, coordination, and testing of primary and secondary fume systems.
  • Technical Leadership: Served as the technical director of steel plants in Poland and France, ensuring compliance and efficiency in de-dusting operations.
  • Industry Expertise: Broad experience across sectors, including pharmaceuticals, non-ferrous metals, and glassworks, with a focus on environmental safety.

Notable Contributions: Played a pivotal role in revamping smoke systems and installing new fume filtration systems, significantly enhancing environmental compliance and operational efficiency at various plants.

Scrap management expert

Bio: With over 20 years of experience in scrap management, our expert has honed a pragmatic approach to managing, sourcing, and treating scrap materials in the steel industry.

Core Skills:

  • Operational Management: Headed scrap parks and managed classification and preparation processes.
  • International Experience: Managed collection centres and optimized production processes in various Eastern European countries and Ukraine.
  • Consultancy Expertise: Advised on reorganization and cost optimization of scrap management systems.

Notable Contributions: Recognized for implementing cost-effective solutions that improve scrap management procedures, enhancing the operational efficiency and sourcing quality.

Cost Reduction Specialist

Bio: With over 25 years at Hatch Associates, our expert has a profound focus on plant efficiency improvement, cost reduction, and the assessment of new technologies in the steel industry.

Core Skills:

  • Technical Improvement: Pioneered research in steel cost reduction and plant efficiency.
  • Feasibility Assessment: Expert in evaluating new technologies and their implementation in steel production.
  • Market Analysis: Extensive research in steel markets, contributing to industry knowledge on raw materials and end-user markets.

Notable Contributions: Designed CRU’s first interactive steel cost model, significantly impacting cost management practices in the industry.


Bio: Specializing in metallurgy analysis, our expert has extensive experience in laboratory and on-site analysis of metallic materials, focusing on innovative processes and quality control.

Core Skills:

  • Analytical Techniques: Proficient in metallographic optical and electronic analysis, chemical analyses, and physical measurements.
  • Process Expertise: Deep understanding of sintering processes, heat treatments, and metallurgical issues like recrystallization control.
  • Education and Training: Expertise in educating and training staff in advanced metallurgical techniques.

Notable Contributions: Has enhanced process steel metallurgy through innovative techniques and rigorous quality control measures, particularly in continuous casting and secondary metallurgy.

Long Products Continuous Casting Expert

Bio: An experienced consultant and metallurgist with over 30 years in EAF operations and continuous casting, blending technical knowledge with practical training and support.

Core Skills:

  • Technical Expertise: Specializes in continuous casting, preparing technical and training documents, and providing sales support.
  • Advisory Portfolio: Offers optimization and troubleshooting of processes, performs tests, and designs casting parameters.
  • Training and Documentation: Prepares and delivers extensive training and technical documentation to industry professionals.

Notable Contributions: Significantly improved casting processes and training standards across the UK, Australia, Switzerland, and for global machine builders and operators.

Rolling mill expert

Bio: With a background in materials engineering, our expert has over 20 years of experience in rolling mill operations, focusing on service management and quality control in long product manufacturing.

Core Skills:

  • Operational Leadership: Managed production, shipping, and quality control, overseeing significant annual output and large teams.
  • Lean Management: Implemented lean management techniques, reducing downtime and waste while enhancing productivity.
  • Continuous Improvement Initiatives: Led a successful 5S project, radically changing staff mentality and improving workplace safety and efficiency.

Notable Contributions: Achieved substantial improvements in operational efficiency and profitability, contributing significantly to the company’s bottom line.

Artificial Intelligence Capability Leader

Bio: With over 20 years of research experience in the steel sector, our expert is responsible for a multi-disciplinary research centre, focusing on AI and machine learning applications in industrial processes.

Core Skills:

  • Research Leadership: Managed numerous EU-funded projects, developing advanced simulation, modelling, and optimization technologies.
  • Data Analytics: Skilled in data pre-processing and mining using both traditional and AI-based techniques.
  • Education and Publications: Authored over 300 papers and holds a PhD in Robotics, contributing significantly to the academic and practical fields of AI in steel manufacturing.

Notable Contributions: Has significantly advanced the application of AI and ML in the steel industry, enhancing process efficiency and innovation.

These revised biographies maintain the original details while aligning with the structured format you requested. Let me know if there are any further adjustments needed!

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