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Photographs © by Pino Musi from the Series “Oxymoron”, 1998 www.pinomusi.com

About Steel Hub

Steel Hub is a technical consulting firm serving the steel industry. We offer our clients the full suite of operations management services, engineering support as well as the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies – for one overarching goal: increase steel plant efficiency. In addition, we focus on building and expanding the capabilities of our clients to ensure that the impact we generate is long-term.
Steel Hub has established a global network comprising of more than 50 steel industry experts. For the last 30 years, our engineers have been implementing performance improvement programs in steel plants around the world. We deliver impact by prioritizing low-capex measures first to ensure that operations and plant equipment achieve maximum efficiency levels, and by providing expert advice on large-scale investments in plant infrastructure. Our expertise reaches from improving EAF operational efficiency, designing and changing the layout of continuous casting processes, creating automation control systems, reducing surface and internal cracking, managing large-scale capex decisions, creating new plant layout to managing energy-efficient transitions and many other areas.
Furthermore, Steel Hub collaborates with world-leading scientific research institutes, which pioneer the implementation of the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and industry 4.0 technologies in the steel industry.
AI-driven optimization algorithms outperform traditional methods in terms of accuracy of predictions, so that unprecedented efficiency levels can be achieved in areas such as quality assurance, operations and supply chain management.

These technologies serve to optimize product quality, production costs, energy consumption and resource management along the entire production chain. For the implementation of AI technologies in client plants, Steel Hub project teams are composed of both senior scientists and experienced engineers.

Steel Hub Features

We know steel.
Our senior steel industry experts have spent most of their working lives on steel plant shop floors. They deeply understand the various challenges of steel operations, and know the best-practice solutions thanks to the experiences they accumulated in steel plants around the world.
We make cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technologies accessible to the steel industry.
Our AI scientists create the latest cutting-edge AI research and help our clients to implement AI technologies in their steel plants.
We are a lean organization acting fast.
We respond to our clients’ needs with greater speed and flexibility than our competitors, and are able to make compelling offers.
Photographs © by Pino Musi from the Series “Oxymoron”, 1998 www.pinomusi.com

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