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Emilio Riva
Managing Director

With over a decade of executive experience in Europe’s steel sector and a strong background in strategic partnerships and profitability enhancements, Emilio founded Steel Hub. Leveraging his deep industry insights, he now leads the firm in providing global technical consultancy to steel manufacturers.

Dr. Jörg Leib​
Head of Consulting Services​

directs Steel Hub’s consulting, enhancing global steel plant efficiencies and translating these into financial metrics. With a background at McKinsey, he advised on strategy in the steel, chemical, and energy sectors. His projects range from growth strategies for manufacturers to a transatlantic merger analysis. Jörg has a PhD in climate economics from Imperial College London and studied economics in Germany and Finland.

Dr. Yasser Aboura​
Senior Project Manager

with a PhD in metallurgy and over 5 years in the field, combines academic prowess from the University of Manchester with extensive industry experience at TWI, serving a broad range of sectors including oil & gas, aerospace, manufacturing, and defence. He’s skilled in material qualification, metal failure investigations, and environmental performance testing, complemented by hands-on experience in the scrap yard business. Yasser excels in problem-solving, project leadership, data analysis, and stakeholder engagement.

Christopher Marler
Business Advisor

excels in establishing key disciplines for Directors and Managers to grasp their business’s true financial and trend-related positions. With experience from growing his own business to a multi-million pound turnover and aiding diverse businesses through various cycles, Christopher identifies and mitigates common pitfalls. He introduces essential practices often sidelined by other business priorities, enhancing decision-making and strategic planning.

Clara Parla
Marketing Advisor 

Clara boasts over 7 years of marketing experience, spanning from investment banks to tech startups. With a knack for adapting innovative strategies across diverse industries, she excels in brand development, digital marketing, and customer engagement. Clara’s contributions have not only enhanced brand visibility but also fostered strong, sustainable customer relationships.

Rosanna Dottore
Office Manager

a seasoned Office Manager with a proven track record of streamlining operations and fostering a positive work environment. With her extensive experience in office administration, she excels at coordinating day-to-day activities, managing administrative staff, and implementing efficient office systems.

Meet the Technical Experts Who Shape Our Success

At Steel Hub, we take pride in our team of distinguished technical experts, the driving force behind our groundbreaking solutions in steel agglomeration. Our experts bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and innovative thinking to tackle the industry’s most complex challenges.


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