Steel Hub - Your Steel Consultant Company | Our mission
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Our mission

The Steel Hub mission


We make the latest cutting-edge research available, applicable and accessible to the steel industry and blend it with our hands-on technical improvement expertise.


We achieve this by combining the expertise of senior academic researchers with decades-long academic track records and senior steel industry experts who have spent most of their working lives on steel plant shop floors.


We adopt a collaborative approach, co-developing our solutions together with our clients, boosting their in-house capability building.


We firmly believe that our expertise and approach in combining these fields are unique, and we leverage these capabilities to set our clients apart from their competitors – making them unique.

10 Musi

The Steel Hub path to efficiency


Initial focus on low-capex measures
• Increase productivity
• Enhance existing plant equipment
• Expand capabilities of operators


Upgrade technology
• Optimize plant layout
• Evaluate and compare large-scale capex investment options
• Minimize and reuse by-products


Once operations management and equipment have been optimized
• Adopt AI technologies for additional efficiency gains
• Leverage AI-driven optimization methods to increase accuracy of predictions
• Use machine learning for ever-improving algorithms

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