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Artificial intelligence

The future in steel industry is moving through AI

By bringing you the very latest developments in Artificial Intelligence, at Steel Hub we ensure that you stay ahead of the competitors. As a technical consultancy specialising

in the steel industry, we offer our Clients a full suite of the most advanced Artificial Intelligence services and industry 4.0 technologies. Working in collaboration with one of the world’s leading

Artificial Intelligence R & D centres, we bring you Artificial Intelligence applications that have been tailored specifically to steel plants. It is well known and understood that the general application of Artificial Intelligence

produces considerable improvements in product quality, reductions in manufacturing costs and energy consumption, greater efficiency of resource management, and a lowering of environmental footprint.

However, Steel Hub gives you the edge because our Artificial Intelligence knowledge and experience is focused on implementation solely in the steel business. It is this degree of specialisation

which sets us apart, keeps our Clients ahead of the competition, and ensures a compelling and constant Return on Investment.

  • Machine learning: scalable models and algorithms with capability to self-learn from data
  • Data mining: capable of inferring relationships among variables by pointing out the factors which mostly affect a given phenomenon or system behavior
  • Evolutionary computation: capable of solving complex optimization problems by finding the optimal trade-off among counteracting objectives
  • Deep learning: suitable to big data processing

Why we apply AI and predictive analysis in the steel industry?

Through AI systems our team of qualified engineers can improve steel production in terms of safety, cost reduction and defects, anticipating customer expectations


AI enables to find the hidden reasons causing accidents.

Cost Saving

Improving capacity, maximizing yield
to reducing cost.

Defect reduction

AI helps to eliminate defects
reducing waste.

Customer needs

AI-powered tools can anticipate costumer needs analyzing patterns in historical costumer interaction.

What can we do for you?

AI application program: Reaching AI as a consulting approach. Since there are no standardized solutions, we experiment on the specific case and at the same time, we show you what you can concretely do. The great added value is a capacity for analysis, evaluation, experimentation, and evaluation of objectives, without wasting time and costs.

Field of applications

Steel material properties prediction

Optimization of reinforcement steel mechanical properties

Predictive maintenance

Contact our team for advice and find a solution to your needs